NATUR-PACK, a. s. was founded as an authorized organization on February 16th, 2006, by an entry to the Commercial Register of the SR.

New obligations for so called obliged persons (actually so called producers) – collection, recovery and recycling of packaging waste – were the main impulses for the foundation.

Such obligations resulted from the Directive No. 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste that was implemented into the Slovak legislation by the Act No. 529/2002 Coll., as amended by the Act No. 119/2010 Coll. and further amended by the actual Waste Act No. 79/2015 Coll (only in Slovak).

On the basis of the described situation several obliged persons in cooperation with the important recycling companies (Vetropack Nemšová, s. r. o., Smurfit Kappa Štúrovo, a. s.,...)and collection companies (OLO, a. s., KOSIT, a. s., .A.S.A. SLOVENSKO, spol. s r. o.) decided to establish an authorized organization NATUR-PACK, a. s.

The Act No. 79/2015 Coll. introduced a new form of collective performance of the obligations resulting from the extended producer responsibility. The activity of organizations ensuring the collective fulfillment – so called Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) – is legislatively pre-conditioned by granting of an authorization of the Ministry of Environment SR.

The company NATUR-PACK, a. s. received the authorization as follows:


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