Our mission

The main mission of the company NATUR-PACK, a. s., is:

  • to ensure collection, recovery and recycling of all categories of packaging and non-packaging waste in compliance with the principles of extended producer responsibility,
  • to be an opened and transparent system for the subjects participating on the material flow of packaging waste and waste from non-packaging products and to secure their equal position,
  • to ensure effective and transparent performance of the obligations of packaging producers and producers of non-packaging products with emphasis to the rigorous control of the financial flows, resulting in minimization of costs for the system participants,
  • to implement and to promote the principle of extended producer responsibility as a basic principle for financing of separate waste collection and recovery in the SR,
  • to establish as a client-oriented and professional organization that guarantee a sound management of transferred legal obligations of its clients,
  • opened communication and dialogue with all partners and respective state administration bodies in the environmental sector,
  • to provide the clients with the most complex services in the field of extended producer responsibility and waste legislation,
  • to contribute in “development of the waste legislation in Slovakia“,
  • to implement the activities towards increased environmental awareness of the citizens, with emphasis to the sector of separate waste collection and waste generation prevention,
  • to develop highly professional team based not only on high expertise, but also ethics, team performance and loyalty.