• NATUR-PACK act as the general partner of the international film festival EKOTOPFILM – ENVIROFILM during the last four years. Our original educational program for elementary schools is a component of this travelling festival. The festival is performed every year in selected regional and district municipalities.

  • We became during the year 2017 an active partner of the opinion-based portal Čierna labuť („Black Swan“) performed by the organization ŽIVICA. We offer to the public many interesting reports on the actual waste related issues, on prevention of waste generation, its separation and recycling.

  • • NATUR-PACK acts on the long-term basis as a partner of educational activities performed by the waste collection company OLO. OLOMANIA is one of the programs with more than 100 engaged schools in Bratislava. You can learn more about the program on

  • The Institute of Applied Ecology DAPHNE is our partner in ensuring of the educational programs for children from nursery schools and elementary schools, especially in the region of Bratislava, since the year 2011. DAPHNE performs the event-based eco-education also in the premises of eco-educational centre of the Bratislava waste incineration facility – so called OLO Centre since September 2017. More about the educational activities on the web-page of DAPHNE.

  • We ensure the educational activities in the territory of the regional municipality of Košice city thank to the cooperation with the waste collection company KOSIT. The company developed for this cooperation the Center for Environmental Education KOSIT that performs eco-educational activities and excursions to the waste incineration facility for the schools in Slovakia since the year 2007.