Basic terms

Portable battery or accumulator is a battery, button cell, set of batteries or accumulator that:
a) is hermetically sealed,
b) is manually transportable,
c) is not an industrial battery or accumulator, nor automotive battery or accumulator.


Article 42 paragraph 7 of the Waste Act

Button cell is a small round portable battery or accumulator with a diameter higher than its height that is used for a special purposes, especially in the equipment for deaf people, watches, small portable equipment and back-up power supplies.


Article 42 paragraph 8 of the Waste Act

Set of batteries is a group of batteries or accumulators that are mutually  interconnected or that are closed in an outer package in order to form a unit that is not intended to be dismantled by the end user.


Article 42 paragraph 5 of the Waste Act

Automotive battery or accumulator is a battery or accumulator that is used for starter, lighting or ignition of a motor vehicle * and its lighting.


* Article 2 paragraph 2 point. a) of the Act No. 106/2018 Coll.

Article 42 paragraph 9 of the Waste Act

Industrial battery or accumulator is a battery or accumulator that is intended exclusively for industrial or professional use or that is used in a vehicle powered by electrical energy.


Article 42 paragraph 10 of the Waste Act

Distributor of batteries and accumulators is a person who supplies BaA in the framework of its entrepreneurship to the end user.


Article 42 paragraph 15 of the Waste Act


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