Definition of non-packaging products

Non-packaging product, pursuant to the Art.73 par. 3 of the Waste Act is a product that is not a packaging nor is intended to be use for packing and belongs to the one of the following categories of products, and the waste from which will become a part of the municipal waste

  • a) products made from PET (except of raw materials, preforms and fibers intended for industrial use) and from PE, PP, PS, PVC and PA (except of raw materials, fibers and products intended for industrial use)
  • b) paper and paperboard, imported products made from paper and paperboard including the printing products, except
    • hygienic and sanitary paper
    • products made from paper used for hygienic and sanitary purposes
    • cigarette paper
    • carbon copy-paper
    • filtration paper
    • paper and paperboard for production of tarred or asphalted paper
    • fiscal stamps
    • books
  • c) glass including sheet window glass