Basic terms

Placing on the market

The moment of the first transfer of the packaging or packed goods from the phase of manufacture, cross border transport from another member state to the Slovak Republic or import from non-member state to the Slovak Republic to the phase of distribution or use represents placing on the market in the Slovak Republic.

Basic definition of packaging

Packaging is a product that is used for packing of goods, their protection, handling, delivery and presentation, from raw materials to products, from the manufacturer to the user or consumer, that fits the criteria defined in the Annex No. 7 of the Act; also not returnable components of packaging used for the same purposes are considered packaging.

Consumer packaging

is the packaging that is intended for the direct protection of goods or group of goods creating a commodity unit at the point of sale for the end user or consumer.

Grouped packaging

is the packaging intended to create a group of certain number of commodity units at the point of sale, regardless of whether it is sold to the end user or consumer or it serves for completion of goods in the offer during the sale; it can be removed from the goods without affecting its characteristics.

Transport packaging

is the packaging intended to facilitate handling and transport of certain number of commodity units or grouped packaging in order to prevent physical damage during handling and transport; road, railway, ship nor aerial containers are not transport packaging.

Reusable packaging

is packaging intended for performance of minimum two transports or rotations during its life span that is repeatedly used for the same purpose for which it was determined.

Reusable packaging is included into the volume of packaging that was placed on the market or distributed by the packaging producer only once, namely at the time of its first use; the above does not relate to reusable wooden pallets that are included into the volume of packaging only when they become waste.

Attention! Single use wooden pallets or plastic / metal pallets and containers are evidenced as before, i.e. at the time of their first use.