Definition of packaging producer

Packaging producer pursuant to the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. (Art. 52 par. 11) is a subject who:

a) uses packaging for packing of goods or fills goods to the packaging and places such goods on the market under its own trade mark,

b) is a subject for which the goods are packed or filled and placed on the market under its trade mark,

c) places on the market the goods packed by another method as defined under paragraphs a) and b) or transports or ordered transport of goods in packaging across the SR border and places it on the market or distribution in SR,

d) as a distributor realizes consignment of the packaging to the end user for immediate packing of goods, paid or free of charge,

e) as a distributor uses packaging for packing of distributed goods or their parts or for filling of the distributed goods,

f) places on the market packaging, except of subject who deliver unused empty packaging to the subjects listed under paragraphs a), b), c), d) or e), or to the subject who packs or fills goods for subject under paragraph b).