Quality policy and environmental policy


The mission of the company NATUR-PACK, a. s., is the achievement of the collection, recovery and recycling targets of all waste categories in compliance with the legal requirements of the SR and EU, primarily in compliance with the principles of extended producer responsibility. Improvement of environmental quality is the main target in the environmental sector by the direct support to the separate collection and recovery system in the Slovak Republic, and increasing of the environmental awareness.


To develop the functioning system of waste collection, recovery and recycling based on the extended producer responsibility principles. To provide complex services, to become a leader on the market, and to be number one in the quality of provided services to our customers.


Responsibility and professionalism.


  • Permanent improvement, implementation of new methods, increased effectiveness and performance of the system in the field of quality, environment and environmental management and audit.
  • Active support to the legislation based on the European environmental legislation that will generate conditions for creation of stable and transparent market conditions in the sector of waste management, with minimal negative impacts to the environment.
  • Fulfilling of all requirements resulting from the Packaging Act, Waste Act and other legislative documents in the environmental protection sector, as well as other requirements related to the aspects of environmental protection.
  • Implementation and propagation of the extended producer responsibility as a basic principle of financing of waste collection and recovery in the SR.
  • Regular control of adherence of all legislative regulations in the environmental sector in the cooperating waste collection and recovery facilities.
  • Transparent and opened cooperation with all partners, primarily with the relevant state administration bodies in the environmental sector.
  • Understanding of the company as highly client-oriented, professional organization that can be trusted by the client with the highest confidence when transferring his legal obligations, as well as another problems in the waste sector.
  • Equal position of all cooperating subjects – obliged persons, collection companies and waste recovery facilities.
  • Rigorous control of financial flows resulting in minimization of costs for system participants. Generating of good working conditions, cooperation culture and conditions for team work, with emphasis to engagement, loyalty, and ethic behavior of the employees.
  • Investment to the education and development of professional abilities of all employees, primarily in the environmental protection sector.

All employees of the company are familiarized with the quality policy and environmental policy, and both policies are implemented in all levels. Quality policy and environmental policy form a component of the strategic targets of the company.

Done in Bratislava on June 6th, 2014
Ing. Vladimír Šinák
Chairman of the Board of Directors