The obligations to ensure also the educational activities and awareness campaigns for public by the company NATUR-PACK result from the Waste Act.

The company NATUR-PACK performs information and educational activities for the public on the long-term basis, practically from its establishment in the year 2006. We intensively cooperate mostly with well established non-governmental organizations (e.g. ŽIVICA, DAPHNE), but also with the young organizations established by the top quality lecturers (EVIANA, Deti čistej Zeme – Children of the Clean Earth), with waste collection companies (e.g. waste collection companies OLO, KOSIT, FÚRA, Technical Services of the city Prešov) and also with other organizations and individuals - thanks to such cooperation we ensure the event-based educational programs (film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm team, Ekový – etc.).

Examples of local educational activities and projects:

  • OLO center – center for eco-education and excursions to the OLO waste incineration facility in Bratislava
  • Eco-education of the organization DAPHNE in the nursery schools
  • Original program of the company NATUR-PACK during the film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm

Examples of national educational activities and projects:

  • Educational software „Do not faint from waste “, developed in cooperation with the organization ŽIVICA
  • Partnership with the portal ČIERNA LABUŤ (Black Swan), introducing reports on selected topics related to the waste management
  • Game “Garbage Gobblers” – expert partnership during the development of the first Slovak game for tablets oriented to the waste separation and recycling