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  • NATUR-PACK and Braňo Jobus have jointly developed an event-based program for children For public

    05.08.2019 - Each Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) is obliged, on behalf of its customers (producers), to ensure information and educational activities for the public. The PRO NATUR-PACK act as a leader in this sector, and thank to the pro-customer approach the company succeeded to participate in numerous unique educational programs for both, children and adults.

  • The unique project PET CANOE already started. Follow it with NATUR-PACK For public

    02.08.2019 - The unique PET canoe starts its Danube odyssey on July 5th, 2019. The canoe was constructed by Tomáš Ščepka from the PET bottles thrown away in the forests surrounding Bratislava municipality. The NATUR-PACK team became an active component of this project during the early spring when the PET bottles were collected. We will document the whole project and continuously publish a series of video-reportages.

  • NATUR-PACK became an authority for the separated waste analyses General

    02.08.2019 - The company NATUR-PACK performed more than 70 analyses of the separated waste components since the year 2018 (paper, plastic, glass) in the premises of the partner self-governments throughout the territory of Slovakia. We have developed our own methodology for these analyses. We publish the results of our analyses subsequently, and we point out the most frequent miscarriages of the waste separation.