• NATUR-PACK participated in the competition VIA BONA SLOVAKIA with YOUTUBE portal General

    23.03.2021 - NATUR-PACK participated in the prestigious competition for the prize VIA BONA SLOVAKIA, namely in the category Socially innovative company.

  • NATUR-PACK succeeded to submit reports on behalf of more than 7 800 clients For clients

    14.03.2021 - PRO NATUR-PACK fulfils its obligations on behalf of the highest number of clients among all producer responsibility organizations. This number reached more than 7 800 companies by the end of year 2020. Our clients are producers of packaging and non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment, as well as batteries and accumulators.

  • NATUR-PACK finances separate waste collection in Slovakia for 15 years For clients

    01.03.2021 - In February 2021, exactly 15 years have passed since the establishment of the company NATUR-PACK. The history of NATUR-PACK is also the history of extended producer responsibility in Slovakia. The fact that this concept is successful is also proved by the remarkable results of Slovakia in the recycling of certain packaging waste types within the EU countries.