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How it all works?

  • Manufacturer | Seller | Distributor

    Covers 100% of the costs of sorted collection for residents through the Producer Responsibility Organization (OZV).

    Producer Responsibility Organization

    It refinances the costs of sorted collection to collection companies. It also ensures education and fulfillment of the recycling limits of the collected sorted components.

  • Sorted collection
    Municipality | Collection company

    The municipality is a contractual partner of OZV and the collection company, while the collection company provides technical security and processing of sorted waste in cooperation with the municipality and OZV.

Membership benefits

Membership benefits

We are trusted by the most clients (more than 8,000) among all OZVs

  • We will fulfill registration obligations, implementation of changes, reporting obligations to the Ministry of the Interior on behalf of manufacturers
  • Free advice, free education
  • Representation and protection during SIŽP inspections
  • Availability for manufacturers at branches throughout Slovakia

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