Brown bear vs. humans

We continue with the difficult issue of bear vs. man also this year. Along to the excellent cooperation with the Brown bear Intervention Team we also joined our efforts with the non-profit organization “Primeval forest for children.”

A few days ago, the members of this organization devoted time to the NATUR-PACK team and in the middle of Slovakia, in the mountain range Kremnické vrchy, we were together filming a big interview on the issues of bear vs. man. We learned a lot of interesting news, e.g. how modern technology like top-quality camera traps can help to study and to protect highly valuable animals. However, our cooperation does not terminate by an interview for the YouTube channel “NATUR-PACK for public”. On the contrary, we are planning further common activities including a webinar for schools and the general public.

You can easily find all our videos related to the issues of the brown bear vs. man in the following link: