Evaluation of the Christmas competition for nurseries and elementary schools

The Christmas competition has its winners, already.

A creative competition for children from nurseries and elementary schools of our partner self-governments is organized every year before Christmas, with a motto: „We wish you for the coming Christmas: your waste will not create a big mess.“ More than 60 schools participated in this competition and we have received more than 240 works.

The following pupils were appointed as winners:

1) Alex, Marco and Samuel, IV.D class, Merged School, Matice slovenskej 11, Prešov
2) Alžbeta, 8. A class, Catholic Merged School, Nám. A. Škrábika, Rajec
3) Karin, 3. class, Elementary School Mokrance

A special prize was awarded to the work of Simonka from class 2 of the nursery Mokrance.

We cordially congratulate to the winners and we thank to all pupils who participated in this competition, as well as to their schools, and especially to their teachers for their effort to deliver the works to us. We believe that the waste separation issues and waste generation prevention will inspire you not only during the Christmas time, but also in the course of the entire year 2019.