Free environmental consultancy

Complex and free environmental consultancy in the area of packaging waste and selected areas of law about waste includes especially:


  • special consultancy at client’s office
  • daily telephonic and e-mail help desk
  • active cooperation on creating expert documentation in the area of waste management
  • special help and cooperation in creating a strategy for program of prevention
  • special help and cooperation in case of requesting return of fee paid into Recycling fund
  • special help in marking a packages
  • special help in preventing packaging waste creation
  • special help and cooperation in provision of waste collection and waste disposal
  • monitoring and actual noticing and warning on legislative changes in the area of waste economy, that may have influence on client’s activity
  • communication with an appropriate offices and ministries and state administration bodies about packages and packaging waste in expert matters
  • operative special help and cooperation in cases of checks of Slovak environmental inspection at client’s place
  • active lobbying for the benefit of client’s interests in legislative process
  • law support of client at issues


October 17th, 2007