Incoming amendment of the Waste Act

A part of the Waste Act No. 79/2015 Coll. amendment entered into force only few days ago (since May 1, 2017), another amendment is under preparation.

In the Preliminary Information on the Prepared Amendment Ministry of Environment SR published that the second amendment of the Waste Act during the year 2017 will e.g. focus to the following issues:

  • Reserved stream of packaging / non-packaging, in relation to the refined definition of the manufacturer in order to avoid           misunderstandings in the application of these provisions,
    • Improved control of the Producer Responsibility Organizations (hereinafter referred to as PRO) performed by the state,
    • Improved PRO authorization process, more flexible mechanism of authorization withdrawal in case of failure to fulfill the authorization conditions and requirements for functional system compliant to the Act by the PRO,
    • Issues of the Coordination Centers for the individual waste streams - unequivocal definition of conditions of their establishment and extinction, improved control of their operation,
    • Removal of the administrative and economical burden by implementation of changes related to the reporting obligations of obliged persons and introduction of the lower limit for packaging and non-packaging,
    • Introduction of an option to implement quantity-dependent collection of the minor construction waste (hereinafter referred to as MCW) or an option to keep flat-rate contribution for MCW in the sense of the previous Waste Act.


Waste Act amendment is focused to removal of the legislative shortcomings and imprecisions of the Waste Act, as well as to solving of the actual market problems, and implementing the requirements arisen during the effectiveness of the Waste Act in practice – not only from the side of the Ministry, but also from another state authorities and entrepreneurs.

System of the Extended Producer Responsibility remains unchanged in the Waste Act amendment.

Comments to the  Preliminary Information on the Prepared Amendment to the Waste Act No. 79/2015 Coll., amending certain acts, as amended, can be delivered by May 11, 2017.




May 9th, 2017


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