Lecturer of the PRO NATUR-PACK: The importance of eco-education

The company NATUR-PACK actively supports the environmental awareness in the waste sector on a long-term basis. We educate children in the nurseries, but also the adults how to separate waste properly. Our top lecturers are able to attract the attention of small, as well as grown listeners. You are invited to follow the interview with one of our lecturers – Andrej Popovič, who explains his understanding of the importance of eco-education in the waste issues. The interview was recorded during an event organized by one of our clients, the company VELUX, who invited us to perform our event-based program on waste in the framework of a summer camp for the children of the company employees. 
The NATUR-PACK team highly appreciates the active approach of the clients who organize their own educational events for the public, for their employees and family members. We are more than happy to become an active component of such events. 
You can follow the video presentation with English captions.


September 14th, 2020