NATUR-PACK: an active participant of the expert events

PRO NATUR-PACK profiles itself as an expert in the sector of waste management within the long term perspective. The Environmental Department of our company manages the legislation, expert events, exchange of experience as well as training activities related to the Waste Act.

We present below several recent events where our experts participated actively. With regard to the often legislative changes, and the need to increase the waste separation and recycling rate in Slovakia the expert approach will be one of determining factors in the future.

November 8. – 10. , 2017 Budapest, trade fair ÖKOINDUSTRIA

NATUR-PACK participated as the only representative of Slovakia in the international conference in Hungary, a component of the fifth volume of trade fair ÖKOINDUSTRIA – International Environmental Industry, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Exhibition 2017. The conference was organized by the international agency ISWA. Participants from The Netherlands, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia shared experience of these countries in the field of waste management including separated collection and motivation of the population. Our environmental consultant RNDr. Alexandra Grgulová presented NATUR-PACK. Several technical solutions that can improve waste management and contribute to environmental protection were introduced during the conference. We are fully aware that this is the main motivation for these activities – to sustain the environment in the best possible status for the future generations.

November 27. – 28., 2017 – Berlin, conference Waste Management in the Circular Economy 2017

NATUR-PACK participated as the only representative of Slovakia in the international conference on circular economy and waste management. Two day conference in Berlin was focused to waste legislation package that is planned for definition of new rules and targets for whole European Union until the year 2035, as well as practical experience of several member states with the application of circular economy and extended producer responsibility. Representatives from Brussels, Germany, Latvia, Spain and Sweden joined the conference.


December 7., 2017 – Bratislava, workshop of the Waste Management Division of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry

NATUR-PACK organized in cooperation with the Waste Management Division of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry an expert information workshop on the issues of extended producer responsibility, the obligations of waste holders and expected changes since January 1st, 2018 related to the implementation amendment of the Waste Act. The workshop was attended by many participants from different sectors – food producers, brewers, chemists, printing industry or automotive sector. The workshop was chaired by our colleague, Alexandra Grgulová, who performs the training activities many years, together with the waste management specialist Tomáš Schabjuk from the environmental consulting company Odpadový hospodár s.r.o. (Waste Manager).

The waste management issues are intensively discussed at present, within the expert, but also in the public. The improvement of separation and recycling of the municipal waste requires the transfer of professional experience into the practice. We are convinced that particularly the exchange of experience on national and international level is one of ways how our PRO can support the municipal waste separation and recycling rate in Slovakia.


December 12th, 2017