NATUR-PACK and Braňo Jobus have jointly developed an event-based program for children

zberný dvorEach Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) is obliged, on behalf of its customers (producers),  to ensure information and educational activities for the public. The PRO NATUR-PACK act as a leader in this sector, and thank to the pro-customer approach the company succeeded to participate in numerous unique educational programs for both, children and adults.

Recently, we have baptized a unique book “Collection Yard” and the company NATUR-PACK have participated also during its creation as an expert guarantee. We consider this book as an extraordinary contribution to the public awareness in the field of waste separation and environmental protection. There is a lack of books in Slovakia that motivate to the responsible waste handling by an effortless method.

The cooperation of the PRO NATUR-PACK with Braňo Jobus did not narrow down to this unique eco-book “Collection Yard”. We jointly decided to follow the mission of the book by creation of an original educational program bearing an identical title.

A preview of the program “Collection Yard” was performed on Bratislava Magio Beach on July, 28th, 2019 with an enormous success. Children, but also their parents were directly “dragged” into the program actions. The event-based eco-education program presented by the top lecturer Ivan Popovič was alternated by the music performance of the Braňo Jobus band “Vrbovskí víťazi” - a band that is specific by playing exclusively the instruments constructed from waste materials. And the discussions comprised, of course, also the mission and messages of the eco-book “Collection Yard” for which Braňo Jobus composed a special song.

The premiere of the educational program with Braňo Jobus will be performed during coming Autumn in our partner municipality Žilina where app. 1 500 pupils from the first degree of the elementary schools will join us in the course of two days. Žilina city can already start to look forward for this event!

The NATUR-PACK team thanks to the organizer of the Magio Beach event, the company Telekom and the agency Institute of Promotion, for the possibility to spread our our mission regarding the waste generation prevention and waste separation.

July 29th, 2019