NATUR-PACK attended the initial Climate Conference Slovakia 2017

The initial CLIMATE CONFERENCE SLOVAKIA (CCSK 2017) was held on June 3rd, 2017, having climate changes and the ways how to solve this problem as the main topics. The organizers succeeded in joining tens of specialists from different parts of the World and to create a wide discussion expert forum.

The conference subtitle – Climate change and its human and understandable solution in Slovakia – prompts that the messages of the experts are oriented in the application of realistic measures into practice.

NATUR-PACK is pleased that the waste separation, recycling and public awareness became one of the key topics of the climate change issues just in the initial year of this conference.

NATUR-PACK is convinced that CCSK will become one of motivating elements also for related sectors of the state administration, self-governments, industry, eco-innovative sector, students, and that the message of the conference will be understandable for the broad public.

We thank the CCSK conference founders – Daniela Pršelová and Peter Krajčík – for inviting NATUR-PACK to one of the panel discussions, and we also appreciate extremely inspiring discussions, presentations and proposed solutions of all participants.


You can find the overview of CCSK conference speakers HERE.


More detailed information on the CCSK conference is available in the reports of SK televisions RTVS and TA3:

RTVS: (since 17th minute)




June 4th, 2017


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