NATUR-PACK baptized the new eco-book “Garbage Phantom”

The eco-book “Garbage Phantom”, a free continuation of the extraordinary successful title “Collection Yard” of the same author Branislav Jobus was baptized during the music festival “Vrbovské vetry.” The NATUR-PACK team participated in the book creation again, and it was a great honor and pleasure for us. Our director Michal Sebíň and our colleague Mária Kňážková acted as a godparents. A landfill served as a scene for this new book. We are sure that also this work of the singer and writer Branislav Jobus will be a success and that it will contribute to the improved awareness on the proper waste separation and waste generation prevention. The NATUR-PACK team hold thumbs up and thanks the author for this generous deed.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the baptism ceremony in our report on the YouTube channel NATUR-PACK for public.