NATUR-PACK became a member of the initiative „IAMNOTAPIG“ (NIESOMPRASA)

The company NATUR-PACK became a communication partner of another beautiful and unique project #niesomprasa, that reminds the problem of irresponsible waste discarded directly to the nature. We are going to further focus to this issue also by means of our reportages on the YouTube channel NATUR-PACK for public, in order to strengthen the awareness on the sustainable waste handling.

You can learn more about this project on the web-page The easily understandable description of a fair behavior during our visit to the nature is available on the project web-site, e.g. in the link to “Ten rules of a cool tourist.”

Everyone can join this project. Its mission can be shared by the social media and spread freely.

You can follow the project on Instagrame and Facebook.