NATUR-PACK celebrating 18 years since its foundation

Our Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) NATUR-PACK commemorates on 16 February 2024 the 18th anniversary of its foundation. Over that period we became a well-established organization bringing together the largest number of producers of all PROs operating in Slovakia, and also a recognized professional authority in the waste management sector.

It was an incredible, revelatory and challenging journey that we went through thank to our clients, partner self-governments, collecting companies and non-profit organizations and other friends from the environmental protection field. And of course also thank to our fantastic team of professionals allowing us to become not only an expert authority, but also a reliable partner for cooperation.

In 2024 we became the largest PRO in Slovakia with a market share reaching more than 40 %. We ensure financing of the separated municipal waste collection for more than 2 188 000 inhabitants in the cities and villages throughout the country. We understand our market leadership as a challenge, and at the same time as a responsibility to contribute by the highest possible share to improvement of the separated waste collection, which is financed by the producers to a full extent since 2016.