NATUR-PACK continues to solve the situation with over-filled containers in the Košice city

A meeting with the representatives of Košice eight city districts, Košice  municipality authorities and the Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) NATUR-PACK was held in the premises of the waste collection company KOSIT on Friday, February 15th, 2019. This meeting of all parties involved in the separated waste collection system (collection company – municipality – PRO) was focused in the solution of the actual problem with the over-filled separated waste collection containers (primarily glass containers) that were detected in the selected Košice city districts.

All participants from the city districts were informed about the operation of the separated waste collection system, as well as about the grounds resulting in the recent activities of the PRO and collection company in the Košice city.

Increasing of the available number of the glass containers by additional 40 pcs was agreed in order to solve the acute problem with the overfilled containers. However, this support presents only a partial solution.

“The PRO NATUR-PACK tends to suggest a systematic measures for the Košice city that will help from the long-term point of view. An audit of the separated waste collection containers will be necessary in the Košice city in order to perform a spatial analysis and to propose certain additional measures that will help to improve the situation with the overfilled containers. The PRO NATUR-PACK requested the appropriate data from the collection company KOSIT.

Moreover, the PRO NATUR-PACK will continue with the analyses of the container´s content in the questionable sites of the Košice city, as it is obvious from the latest analyses that also low awareness of the citizens contribute to the over-filling of the containers – they frequently throw out also improper types of waste into the separated waste collection containers. Another potential reason of over-filling of the containers should be verified by our company: whether the containers for public are exploited also by the private companies (e.g. restaurants), i.e. entities that are obliged to dispose the plastic, paper and glass waste into the containers that are serviced and financed by themselves,” emphasized the director of the PRO NATUR-PACK Michal Sebíň. 

PRO NATUR-PACK appreciates the interest of all involved parties to solve the issues related to the actual problem identified in the Košice municipality.

February 19th, 2019

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