NATUR-PACK develops relationships at home, but also abroad

The team of PRO NATUR-PACK is well known for developing of numerous professional partnerships and cooperation liaisons which result not only in the increase of the environmental awareness related to the waste issues, but also in a permanent effort to improve the Extended Producer Responsibility system in Slovakia.

The ability of networking, dialogue and mutual information exchange are basic prerequisites in both areas. In this context we recently visited in cooperation with the organizations Circular Shield and the Institute for Circular Economy (INCIEN) an important Italian recycling company for paper and beverage packaging (company LUCART), as well as the regional collection company in the municipality of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

We were accompanied by a representative of the partner self-government in Senec, a municipality where the Circular Shield project “Municipal Material Circle” was implemented for the first time in Slovakia in 2022 - a project where the so called tetra-pack also plays the major role.