NATUR-PACK distributes to the partner municipalities and their schools and original educatio

The Producer Responsibility Organization NATUR-PACK is starting nowadays to distribute the original education series „Do not throw everything into the same bag“ that can be used by all partner municipalities for municipal and school broadcasting.

The series of short spots (each part lasting app. 80 seconds) is oriented to motivate the community to separate the municipal waste, especially the waste plastics, paper, glass and metals.

NATUR-PACK will deliver this series to the partner municipalities and their schools electronically by means of the public portal

Education series comprises the introductory part 1. „Do not throw everything into the same bag“, followed by 4 parts dealing with the selected waste types (2. part Paper, 3. part Plastics, 4. part Glass, 5. part Metals).

NATUR-PACK recommends to the municipalities and schools to broadcast the series part by part. Children and the public are more appreciative to shorter broadcast formats, and the duration of 80 seconds was selected as optimal for this purpose. The series will be distributed by the individual parts, but also as a complete continual broadcast (duration app. 9 minutes), so the municipality, as well as school can decide itself which form will be used for transmission of this information material.


January 13th, 2017