NATUR-PACK is the first PRO to address the issues of brown bears vs. waste containers

NATUR-PACK is the first among all addressed PROs who reacted to the request of the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate for collaboration in the educational activities on the brown bear vs. waste container issues. The opening reportage on the YouTube channel NATUR-PACK for public was issued recently. We would like to thank to the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate for the invitation to participate. We also thank to the Intervention team for the brown bear under the State Nature Protection for an excellent cooperation. The first reportage is an introduction to the topic and it emphasizes the main reason of repeated presence of the brown bear in the urban environment. NATUR-PACK serves for 83 self-governments which are subject to the regulation to the Waste Act in relation to adoption of the preventive measures.

You can find the list of municipalities here:  

Extended reportage on the brown bear issues is available also on the portal