NATUR-PACK prepared additional educational activities for partner self-governments

NATUR-PACK prepared two new original educational activities for the partner self-governments for the second quarter of the year 2018. The first is an electronic version of the educational material for teachers – so called Inspiromat, regarding the WASTE issues, and the second is an easily understandable educational material on PLASTIC issues.


A guide full of practical inspirations on the WASTE issues

The first educational material is a methodical-didactical guideline – Inspiromat on the WASTE issues that we have prepared in a partnership with the organization CEEV ŽIVICA. It is a unique educational material that was well established also regarding another issues during the work with teachers who can independently work with their pupils in the respective topics. Inspiromats are used by the organization ŽIVICA during the systematic work with the teachers and schools that joined the popular program Green School. Inspiromat WASTE is the fifth Inspiromat, however, the first one that is accessible also to the schools that are not connected to the program Green School.

An easily understandable version of the PLASTIC issues is a second educational material for our partner municipalities. We have prepared this material for them in several modifications and you they can decide to exploit them – for publication on web-page, or in printed promotion leaflets. The material focuses to the issues of plastic, problems related to plastic waste, as well as to the possibilities how to minimize plastic waste generation.

NATUR-PACK thanks the partner organization CEEV ŽIVICA for the possibility to implement the Inspiromat - WASTE project and to make available the numerous valuable experience of the Green Schools to many other schools and teachers.

You can find the entire article in the section Download – Documents -MUNICIPALITIES or by clicking HERE (only in Slovak).

June 29th, 2018