NATUR-PACK prepared for its customers the first on-line workshop

NATUR-PACK prepared for its customers the first on-line workshop in the course of the year 2018. The workshop deals with the issues of PACKAGING EVIDENCE from A to Z. The NATUR-PACK customers can watch the workshop on Monday, July 2nd at 10:00 o´clock after receiving of the registration data sent by e-mail. The on-line workshop will last 18 minutes. The NATUR-PACK team will be available between 10:00 and 12:00 o´clock and it will reply customer queries related to the workshop topics.


The content of the workshop according its timing:

00:33 Definition of packaging pursuant to the Art. 52 par. 3 of the Waste Act

00:55 Criteria for more detailed definition of packaging according to the Annex No. 7 of the Waste Act

1:46 Distinguishing of the packaging types for the evidence purposes

2:59 Marking of the packaging

3:57 Example of one packaging entity

4:27 Distinguishing of the packaging materials for the evidence purposes

5:10 Determination of the packaging weight

6:34 How to fill-in properly the electronic report. Examples of evidence keeping

10:37 Example No. 1 Production

12:11 Example No. 2 Import, Reusable packaging

13:44 Example No. 3 Plastic carrying bags

15:35 Example No. 4 Packaging filled by dangerous substances

17:29 The reports: where and when they shall be delivered


Watch our promotion video regarding the on-line workshop PACKAGING EVIDENCE from A to Z.