NATUR-PACK published a unique study of 100 separated waste analyses

The company NATUR-PACK performed a unique study of separated waste collection analyses.

The producer responsibility organization NATUR-PACK will release the results of a study of first 100 analyses investigating the components of separately collected waste on the occasion of the World Earth Day 2022 celebrations. The outputs will be available to the general as well as professional public, non-profit organizations and state institutions. No one has examined the separately collected waste in Slovakia to such an extent. Thus, it is an act unparalleled in the waste management in Slovakia. Moreover, the activities and further analyses focused on the valuable knowledge and findings related to the process of waste separation do not end and they follow up also in 2022.

The NATUR-PACK team has started the systematic waste analyses in 2018. The first 100 analyses according to the original NATUR-PACK methodology were performed by the end of 2021. The analyses team members literally rummaged through the collected waste in various parts of Slovakia from west to east and recorded whether the respective waste categories are placed in the containers or bags and what their composition is; they also observed the amount of waste which does not belong there. The wrongly placed waste is marked as so called impurities and they are can potentially cause serious complications in the separated waste management; in certain cases they can even deteriorate the waste to such an extent that it can no longer be used for recycling.

You can find the study of 100 analyses of separated municipal waste components on, section For download.

You will learn from the study, among other things, the following:

  • whether the bag collection of separated waste is cleaner than the container one,
  • whether also books end up in the separated waste collection,
  • where the highest proportion of impurities was found in the separated waste collection,
  • what was the proportion of beverage packaging in the separated waste collection before starting of the depositing system,
  • specific examples of wrong waste separation from our analyzes,
  • where you can find the 15 published reports from our analyzes.

NATUR-PACK would like to thank also by this way for the excellent cooperation, which was unavoidable for successful performance of this project, especially to all partner self-governments, collection companies, non-profit organizations and volunteers from the producer companies.

Video presentation of the waste analysis No. 100. It was performed in Prešov municipality.