NATUR-PACK receives Zlatý Mravec prize for the second time in a row

No company has ever been able to hold the Zlatý Mravec trophy for two consecutive years.

Zlatý Mravec trophy is a prestigious prize awarded only to the best of the best in the field of Waste Management. The prize is awarded in five categories, Communal Waste Management, Business Waste Management, Environmental Education, Innovative Solutions and Student prize.

How did we win the award?

NATUR-PACK has focused on kindergartens and prep schools by targeting the issue of environmental education in Slovakia. Experts from Kosit foundation, NATUR-PACK and teachers from all over the country joined forces and created the first EKObook for children.

The EKObook is a compilation of best poems, songs and stories created by teachers. Young readers will be accompanied on their journey through the topics by two friendly characters a snail and a hedgehog. They will guide them through the issues of reduction, recycling and reusing the waste in a light and enjoyable way. The topics are aimed to strengthen the appreciation of nature and the importance of positive actions towards it.

“It was vital for us to involve teachers in the creation of this publication. They are the people that take care of our children for most of the day, therefore they are the leading actor in forming their worldview and values. We hope that with this book we can show them our appreciation and help them in their everyday work,” said Michal Sebíň the director of NATUR-PACK.

Twice in a row

NATUR- PACK and Kosit foundation are the leaders of Environmental Education for two years now. The award is being given to the most successful for a decade, but no company was ever able to hold it for two years straight. “We are eternally grateful for this award,” said Michal Sebíň and added “but the real win for us would be to see our EKObook being read by teachers and parents for children allover Slovakia.”

EKObook in stores

EKObook was published in the end of October and the first batch of books went straight into the hands of children from prep school in Kosice. Sale earnings will be used for future environmental education projects. You can order the book here.

November 24th, 2014