NATUR-PACK responded to the call of Slovak Environmental Inspectorate for cooperation in the

Slovak Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) called the Producer responsibility organizations to cooperate in the issues of brown bear presence in the residential areas. The problems with so called synanthropic bears are to a certain extent related to the presence of containers for separated waste and improper separation practice. The PRO NATUR-PACK responded immediately and adopted necessary measures.

The request for cooperation of the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate was aimed at support to the educational activities in relation to the locations with appearance or potential appearance of the brown bear. The NATUR-PACK team decided to act and to organize joint events with the representatives of SEI and the members of the Intervention team for brown bear under the State Nature Protection SR.

The two-day field action will result among other outputs also in several presentations on the brown bears visiting the containers for separated or non-separated waste. On the basis of achieved knowledge we will produce a special issue under the series “SPRÁVNA TREFA” (Perfect Hit) about proper separation of waste belonging to the yellow containers. These containers, supposed for plastic and often also for metal packaging waste and beverage packaging become a target for brown bears searching food residues if the waste separation is not correct.

The NATUR-PACK team thanks for excellent cooperation to the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate, State Nature Protection and the members of the Intervention team for brown bear for spending their time with us and for sharing of their professional experience.