Notification of the manufacture, import and export amounts pursuant to the § 12 of the Regul

Notification of the manufacture, cross-border transport from another member state to the Slovak Republic, import, cross-border transport to another member state from the Slovak Republic, as well as export pursuant to the Annex No. 13 to the Regulation No. 366/2015 Coll. should be sent to the Ministry of Environment SR as a remaining obligation of all subjects in the framework of duties towards the former Recycling Fund.

Editable form is freely downloadable on the web-page, section documents /dokumenty/.

Manufacturers (physical persons producing packaging), packaging importers (importers of merchandise in the packaging, as well as importers of empty packaging), plus producers / importers of commodities that belonged to the notification obligation towards the Recycling Fund in the past (including important proportion of non-packaging products):

do not forget to meet your quarterly notification obligation till January 31, 2017!

This obligation do not belong to the duties of the company NATUR-PACK a. s. in the framework of implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging and non-packaging products on behalf of its customers, and it is not included in the standard contract.

The notification should be sent to:

Ministerstvo životného prostredia SR (Ministry of Environment)

Odbor odpadového hospodárstva (Waste Management Dept.)

Nám. Ľ. Štúra 1

812 35 Bratislava


Januar 16th, 2017