PRO NATUR-PACK introduces new event-based programs in the framework of the film festival Eko

The Producer Responsibility Organization NATUR-PACK continues the excellent cooperation with the film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm team. A new educational program made by our partner non-profit organization EVIANA represents the actual film festival year (2018/2019). The program will be entitled „Let us put our heads together“, and it will be a continuation of presented films. The program introduces issues of packaging and non-packaging products, as well as electric and electronic waste and batteries.

What says EVIANA representative Paulína Urdová about the new program?

„We present tips and proposals for introductory activities after watching the films - what to do, what is the most important for the nature protection, where and with whom the activities can be started, what we can do by ourselves every day. We will open a public discussion, and we will separate the results of our creativity and the outputs of daily consumption to create a big pile of non-waste (raw materials for reuse) and small pile that will be subject of additional consideration.“

In addition to the above mentioned program we will perform in selected cities also program made by the author of the game Garbage Gobblers, Tatiana Zacharovská. She elaborated for us a program which introduces the main message of the tablet game Garbage Gobblers – responsibility during the waste management and respecting of the environmental protection.

Children from the elementary schools will be trained by this more and more popular game and they will reach together the correct answers to the basic questions related to the municipal waste issues: Which type of waste is most often deposited? Why? What we can do to reduce its volume? What we can do to generate less municipal waste that is landfilled?

The international film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm is the oldest festival of its kind, worldwide. The performed films, in parallel with the accompanying activities (Junior festival, public discussions etc.) are event-oriented and they will be performed every year in tens of municipalities throughout Slovakia. We do believe that this extraordinary event will importantly contribute to the sensitivity of the children and also broad public to the actual issues of the nature protection.

The first performance of the new program „Let us put our heads together“ and the game "Garbage Gobblers" this year started in Topoľčany municipality (October 12th, 2018).

NATUR-PACK team is very proud that it can form a component of these programs.