„Right to Repair“ Directive adopted

On 30.5.2024, the Council approved the Directive on support to the right for repair of failed or defective products (so called „R2R Directive“). The R2R Directive is intended to support the right to repair within the statutory warranty and post-warranty periods. Consumer repair requests should be handled more easily, cheaply and quickly.

Consumers will have the right to request repair of products that could technically be performed (e.g. washing machines, driers, vacuum cleaners, smartphones). In case when the consumer chooses repair instead of product replacement by a new one, the warranty period will be prolonged by additional 12 months. Producers will be obliged to ensure the spare parts, and also second-hand or 3D printed spare parts will be allowed for the repair. Consumer should be able to borrow a spare appliance for the period of repair.  If the repair of the product is impossible, consumer could select a refurbished appliance.

Online platforms should cover the local repair shops and sellers of refurbished appliances.

Moreover, the access to the spare parts and information on maintenance should be facilitated. Application of hardware or software procedures hindering repair will be prohibited. Producers should be motivated also by this new legislation to manufacture longer lasting products which are more easily repaired, reused and recycled.

Legislative background:

Draft Directive was approved on April 23, 2024 by the members of the European Parliament. After approval by the Council, the given proposal is accepted. After publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, it will enter into force on the 20th day after its publication. Member States will then have 24 months to transpose it into their national law. The Directive is part of the New Program for Consumers and the Action Plan for the Circular Economy.



June 3, 2024