Slovak Environmental Inspection intensifies the control of producers

On the basis of information published by the Slovak Press Agency (TASR), SEI will initiate a series of controls of the separated waste collection systems, with emphasis to those producers who failed in the past, or subjects where the PROs were not able to meet the transferred obligations. Thus, MoE SR recommends to focus not only to the price issues in the case of change of the PRO. „Because when the producer contracts the PRO, the responsibility including the penalties for failure in legal obligations compliance stays with the producer,“ warned the Ministry. „We have examples from the past that the PROs focused to the lowest price for the producer were not able to fulfill their obligations toward the municipalities,“ stated MoE SR. This failure is not related only to the obligations toward the municipalities, but also to the educational and promotion campaigns supporting the separated waste collection or the obligations resulting from the EU legislation – achievement of the recovery and recycling targets.

Several PRO systems were inspected in the course of the years 2017 and 2018 by the SEI. NATUR-PACK passed these inspections without detected incompliance as the only one among all inspected PRO subjects.

Failed notification of the data change on the company to the producer register represents a frequent failure of the producers that can be easily avoided – e.g. address change or statutory organ modification. The producer can be punished by a penalty amounting 1 200 – 120 000 € for failure in the notification of changes. In the case of our clients such changes are notified to the MoE SR by NATUR-PACK. It is therefore very important that you notify us on all such modifications by means of our web-site, section „For members“, where in the folder „Account settings“ all data related to your company are stored. Such changes shall be announced to our company within 15 days since the change occurs, in order to allow us to notify them to the respective register of producers in a due time, as requested by the legislation.

Source: TASR 2018