Distributors of beverage packaging - ATTENTION! New obligations are coming into force

From 1 January 2022 it is necessary to distinguish between

reusable beverage packaging (e.g. glass bottles for certain mineral waters, beer…) – obligation regarding their distribution and deposit-return schemes is dealt by the Waste Act,


single-use beverage packaging (beverage PET bottles and beverage cans – the depositing obligation from 1 January 2022) - the deposit-return obligation is dealt by the Depositing Act.


Pursuant to the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on waste

from 1 January 2022

Packaging distributor who distributes beverages in other than reusable packaging during the sale to the consumer is obliged to distribute the beverages of the identical type also in reusable packaging in the sales point, if such beverages are placed on the market in the Slovak Republic in the packaging thereof. This obligation does not apply to the packaging distributor who distributes such beverages on the sales area smaller than 100 m2. Distributor who distributes goods in the deposit-return reusable packaging is obliged to take back the deposited reusable packaging of the same type and sort he distributes, without limiting their amount and without tying this return to the purchase of goods, and to pay back the full amount of deposit.

Pursuant to the Act No. 302/2019 Coll. on depositing single-use beverage packaging

from 1 January 2022

The obligations to deposit the single-use beverage packaging and to keep the amount of the deposit, to mark the deposit amount, to keep separate accounting records of the price of the goods and the amount of the deposit, to provide the administrator with co-operation in the performance of the obligation, to keep records on deposited single-use beverage packaging and report the data thereof to the administrator are performed by the distributor who sales beverages to the end-user, regardless of the method of sale and the sales-point area. The obligations to request the administrator to conclude the contract, to register as a return point of waste from deposited single-use beverage packaging by the administrator, to take back the waste from deposited single-use beverage packaging, to pay back to the end-user the full amount of deposit by the return, to take back the waste from deposited single-use packaging of beverages which the packaging manufacturer has ceased to place on the market for at least six months from the publication of the notice on the administrator's website are performed by packaging distributor, who sales the beverages to the end-user in the minimum sales area 300 m2, except of a packaging distributor who sells food and beverages as ancillary goods in such a sales area; these obligations can be performed by packaging distributor who sales beverages on the sales area smaller than 300 m2 voluntarily.