NATUR-PACK became a partner of ENVIRO portal BLACK SWAN (“ČIERNA LABUŤ”)!


ENVIRO on the portal “Čierna labuť” (Black Swan).

Opinion-oriented portal BLACK SWAN is operated by our partner non-governmental organization CEEV ŽIVICA since the year 2015, and we are cooperating with it on a long-term basis. The portal has 4 sections - environment (ENVIRO), society, education and spirituality.

High quality of the Black Swan portal, in parallel with the possibility to increase the awareness on waste prevention, separation and recycling resulted in our decision to commence a new cooperation with the well-established education organization by.

The section ENVIRO will be engaged in the issues of waste separation and recycling - an important mission of our Producer Responsibility Organization. On-line presentations will be performed as our contributions, in combination with interesting interviews transmitted by FM Radio.

We believe that we will fulfill our legal obligation to inform and train the public on the issues related to the municipal waste separation by attractive and meaningful contributions.

Our activities related to the Black Swan portal, as well as the other activities performed in cooperation with the inspiring organization ŽIVICA will be available also on our social networks.



July 10th, 2017