One step closer to reducing unnecessary packaging, plastic carrying bags and chemicals

Members of the European Parliament approved on 22 November 2023 the report introducing the mandate of the European Parliament to negotiate with the governments of the European Union member states. The amendment will have an impact to both, producers and consumers.

The report adjusts targets for decreasing the amounts of all packaging types. Separate targets were set out for plastic packaging.

Target for reduced amount:   




Packaging total

by 5 %

by 10 %  

by 15 % 

Plastic packaging

by 10 %

by 15 %

by 20 %

Furthermore, it is planned to ban very light plastic carrier bags, i.e. bags with a wall thickness below 15 micrometers, if their use would not be justified by hygienic reasons or if they would not be offered as a primary packaging for the loose foods.

Such limitations will impact also the exploitation of a single-use packaging marked as „apparently useless packaging,“ e.g. single-use containers for meals and drinks consumed in the restaurants and cafes or miniature shampoo bottles or other miniature packaging in hotels.

So called „forever chemicals“ (poly- and perfluoroalkyl or PFAS) and bisphenol A use in packaging coming into contact with the foodstuffs should also be banned.

We expect clarification of the requirements for the reusable or refillable packaging in order to adjust the circular economy. The possibility to bring your own food container to the catering establishments should be also legally treated.

Stricter criteria and recycling option shall apply to all packaging types. Only wooden and wax wrapping is likely to receive a temporary exemption. Once the European Council has adopted its opinion on the report, the European Parliament will discuss the final form of the law with national governments.

Source: Press Release of the European Parliament