Basic obligations

Basic definitions

Portable battery or accumulator means a battery, button cell, battery pack or accumulator, which:

  • a) is sealed,
  • b) can be hand-carried, and
  • c) is neither an industrial battery or accumulator nor an automotive battery or accumulator.

Button cell means any small round portable battery or accumulator whose diameter is greater than its height and which is used for special purposes such as hearing aids, watches, small portable equipment and back-up power.

Battery pack means any set of batteries or accumulators that are connected together and/or encapsulated within an outer casing so as to form a complete unit that the end-user is not intended to split up or open.

Automotive battery or accumulator means any battery or accumulator used for automotive starter, lighting or ignition power.

Industrial battery or accumulator means any battery or accumulator designed for exclusively industrial or professional uses or used in any type of electric vehicle.

Distributor of batteries and accumulators means any person that provides batteries and accumulators on a professional basis to an end-user.

Basic obligations for batteries and accumulators

Producer of batteries and accumulators means any person that, irrespective of the selling technique used, including by means of distance communication, places batteries or accumulators produced at the SR territory or purchased abroad, including those incorporated into appliances or vehicles, on the market for the first time.

A company which is considered a producer of batteries and accumulators has the following selected obligations:

  1. To be registered in the Register of producers of batteries and accumulators and to notify the modifications of the registered data,
  2. To fulfill the information obligation toward the end-users, , toward public and processing facility (to submit chemical and material composition of BaA on a request of processing facility),
  3. To record and retain evidence and to notify the Ministry the data and to retain the notified data,
  4. To bear all financial expenses related to the collection, transport, preparation for reuse, recovery, recycling, processing or disposal of separately collected waste belonging to the reserved waste stream.