• Pre klientov 01.06.2022

    Liability of producers for breach of the PRO legal obligations!

    A number of producer responsibility organizations („PRO“) operate on the Slovak waste management market. Although it is a regulated market environment, relatively dynamic competitive and acquisition efforts to gain customers appear among individual PROs.

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  • Pre klientov 04.05.2022

    NATUR-PACK published a unique study of 100 separated waste analyses

    The company NATUR-PACK performed a unique study of separated waste collection analyses.

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  • Pre klientov 09.03.2022

    NATUR-PACK fulfilled the obligations on behalf of the largest number of producers in SK

    The PRO NATUR-PACK fulfills the delegated obligations on behalf of the largest number of clients among all producer responsibility organizations (PRO) on an annual basis. Up to 7 900 companies were represented by the end of the year 2021. Packaging producers, producers of non-packaging products, electric and electronic equipment as well as producers of batteries and accumulators are our clients.

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  • Pre klientov 22.12.2021

    PF 2022 from NATUR-PACK

    The NATUR-PACK team wishes happy Christmas and successful New Year 2022 to all our clients, partner self-governments, collection companies, non-profit organizations and all other partners and friends.

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  • Pre klientov 02.12.2021

    Information on the transposition of the SUP Directive

    Transposition of the Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment through Act no. 430/2021 Coll., which amends the Waste Act and the Act on the Deposit of Disposable Beverage Packaging and the amendment will enter into force on 1 December 2021.

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  • Pre klientov 01.12.2021

    Distributors of beverage packaging - ATTENTION! New obligations are coming into force

    From 1 January 2022 it is necessary to distinguish between reusable beverage packaging (e.g. glass bottles for certain mineral waters, beer…) – obligation regarding their distribution and deposit-return schemes is dealt by the Waste Act, and single-use beverage packaging (beverage PET bottles and beverage cans – the depositing obligation from 1 January 2022) - the deposit-return obligation is dealt by the Depositing Act.

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