• Pre obce 09.10.2023

    Experiential program „COLLECTION YARD“ with Brano Jobus motivates separation and depositing

    Experiential program „COLLECTION YARD“ with Brano Jobus was created in 2019, it was previewed in Bratislava and its premiere was performed in the regional capital of Žilina. It bears the message of the book with the same name of Brano Jobus, published in the same year. Since 2023, the program is implemented jointly by the organizations NATUR-PACK and DEPOSIT RETURN SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR. We succeeded to perform in Zvolen, Nové Zámky, Bratislava, Galanta, Topoľčany, Prešov, and during the festival Atmosphere. More than 5 300 children participated in the program during this year.

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  • Pre obce 04.10.2021

    NATUR-PACK is the first PRO to address the issues of brown bears vs. waste containers

    NATUR-PACK is the first among all addressed PROs who reacted to the request of the Slovak Environmental Inspectorate for collaboration in the educational activities on the brown bear vs. waste container issues.

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  • Pre obce 06.11.2020

    New obligation for schools performing separated waste collection

    (pursuant to the Art. 16a of the Waste Act) Dear representatives of schools, dear representatives of the partner self-governments, schools and school facilities * (hereinafter referred to as „schools “) have the new obligations resulting from the new regulation in the sector of waste management legislation since July 1st, 2020.

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