How to create a recyclable packaging? Manual for the Slovak producers responds

The manual Packaging designs for recycling introduces particular proposals respecting the local specificities in Slovakia. They were developed to an easily understandable document thank to cooperation of the Packaging Institute SYBA and the PRO NATUR-PACK. The proposals reflect the international recommendations of the Global Packages Design for Recycling based on the World Packaging Organization (WPO).


Manual Packaging designs for recycling offers information set on the individual types of materials. It is focused not only to the traditional, but also to the alternative materials and mixtures packaging is usually made from.

Local recommendations for the packaging design respecting the circular economy


The most extensive part of the manual consists of recommendations for packaging design sorted by the packaging types, e.g. bottles, trays, jars, tubes, boxes etc. The criteria are split into three areas: 1. Material, 2. Decorations and other components, and 3. Closure systems.

Traffic light system was chosen for better understanding of the recommendations. Green, yellow and red colors help you to decide easily whether you should avoid using the material or, on the contrary, prefer it.

Best case - If unavoidable - To be avoided


You can also find particular tips, for example how to create a barrier on the packaging made of PET, PE, PP: „If requirements for barrier exist, a barrier from silicon oxide (SiOx), aluminum oxide (Al2O3) or carbon plasma coating can be used (only in colored bottles, jars, tubes), as they do not substantially impact the recyclate quality,“ manual Packaging designs for recycling describes.

The publication is freely downloadable on the pages of Association for the Promotion of Recycling.

Similar manual will be elaborated also for the Czech market.


Association for the Promotion of Recycling was established in 2023. Its intention is the liaison of companies, organizations and individuals supporting recycling. You can also become a member.