NATUR-PACK have baptized the book “Collection Yard”

The unique eco-educational book written by Branislav Jobus entitled “Collection Yard“ was baptized by the company NATUR-PACK in the course of the music festival „Vrbovské vetry“.

The baptism was performed on July 6th, 2019, during the evening program of this popular festival, under and excellent atmosphere. Mrs. Mária Ševčíková, manager of the trade department of the company NATUR-PACK acted as a godmother. Director of the PRO company NATUR-PACK Mr. Michal Sebíň was also invited to this ceremony, and he emphasized the importance and the value of the books in his speech – reminding that books does not belong to the waste. The illustrator Filip Horník joined the ceremony as well. His beautiful illustrations added the final touch to the book and amplified its content.

NATUR-PACK feels happy to become an active component of another original project. The latest book of the writer and singer Branislav Jobus is aimed at increasing of the sensitivity of children to the waste issues, and at responsible waste handling. We will proceed by additional accompanying events for the schools and the public. You can follow us and Braňo Jobus as soon as July 28th, 2019, on the Magio Beach where we will introduce our joined educational program.


July 7th, 2019