NATUR-PACK joined the film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm also this year

The NATUR-PACK team joined the introductory performances of the annual volume 2019 of the film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm in Bratislava during the last week of May. Our lecturers educate children by means of two event-based programs (“Let us put our heads together” and “Garbage Gobblers”). The event-based program “Let us put our heads together” was designed for our company by the non-profit organization EVIANA, and the program “Garbage Gobblers” was prepared by Mrs. Tatiana Zacharovská, the author of very popular tablet-based game Garbage Gobblers.

NATUR-PACK is a long-term partner of the travelling film festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm, and our company produces event-based programs since the year 2015. These education programs are aimed in facilitation of understanding of the relationships between the responsible approach to the waste generation and environmental protection by the pupils from elementary schools and high schools.

The film festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm travels around nearly 50 municipalities in Slovakia each year. Interesting public discussions are organized in selected cities where the issues of waste separation and recycling dominate. Taking into consideration the overall impact to the public, this festival represents one of the most important environmental events of a kind in the history of Slovakia. You can find more information on the festival on the web-page

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