NATUR-PACK prepared another reportage on the separated waste analysis

The PRO NATUR-PACK developed its own methodology for the performance of analyses of the separated municipal waste components. The company performed 64 analyses till the end of the year 2018, and additional dozens are foreseen. The waste analyses are extremely important not only for the PRO itself, but also for the collection companies, and last, but not least, for the public – for better understanding of the main constraints of the proper waste separation.

One of the PRO NATUR-PACK analyses was performed in the Slovak capital Bratislava during the autumn 2018, with an emphasis to the separation quality - the resulting content of the blue containers. This analysis served as a basis for the latest NATUR-PACK reportage that is available on the “NATUR-PACK – for the public” channel via the YouTube portal (

The PRO NATUR-PACK investigates during the waste analyses also the presence of impurities, i.e. the volume of waste that does not belong to the respective separated waste container (bag).

It is necessary to conclude also in relation to the actual troubles in the Košice city (, that the impurities in combination with another typical Slovak phenomenon – un-squeezed packaging waste – contribute importantly to the over-filling of the containers. The impurities reached the proportion close to 50 % in some of the analyses, a value being a limit above which the PRO is not obliged to reimburse the separated waste collection any more, as it should be covered by the self-government to a full extent.

The containers or bags for the separated waste containing un-squeezed packaging waste are filled by additional 45 – 50 % in comparison with the squeezed packaging waste content, revealed the NATUR-PACK analyses (2017). This finding can explain the container over-filling to the major extent in some cases.

The first analyses performed in compliance with the original methodology were published by the PRO NATUR-PACK in case of paper and paper-board waste in the Prešov city. A video-reportage on this analysis entitled “Do the Prešov citizens know how to separate paper waste?” was published  ( The latest reportage on the performed analyses by NATUR-PACK concerns the content analysis of the blue containers in Bratislava.


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