NATUR-PACK published the up-to-date Environmental Statement!

The company NATUR-PACK became a fourth organization in Slovakia having the active EMAS certificate, a voluntary scheme of the European Commission for the environmental management and audit. It was acquired by the end of the year 2014. EMAS represents a unique management tool in Slovakia at present, however, it belongs to the prestigious environmental schemes joined by app. 4500 companies worldwide.

After a successful completion of an audit (June 2016), NATUR-PACK publishes the up-to-date Environmental Statement on its web site summing-up the activities toward achieving the targets of this environmental scheme.


The acronym EMAS originates from the English name Eco-Management and Audit Scheme. It represents a set of tools and rules leading the company to improved ecological management of the human and natural resources. The scheme is designed in order to help all companies regardless their size or focus of activities. Any company should be able to reduce the environmental burden, to increase the economical growth and competitiveness on the market by following the steps of the scheme.

Infrequent application of EMAS scheme in Slovakia contributed to the fact that the company NATUR-PACK, being one of the pioneers in this sector, achieved the top position in the National Competition of the Entrepreneurs in the Sector of Environmental Protection in the year 2015, particularly for joining the scheme and respecting its principles. As a national

champion we joined the European round that will be evaluated in the autumn.

Slovak Environment Agency, responsible for EMAS application in Slovakia, prepared in connection with the Slovak Presidency of the EU Council a series of activities promoting the voluntary tools of the environmental policy. An exhibition of the eco-innovations, including the EMAS in Slovakia was prepared in the premises of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic in June 2016. NATUR-PACK decided to be an active and inspiring member not only in the issues of the environmental management, but also in other sectors.


The objectives of EMAS scheme are achieved primarily by the following:


  • more effective exploitation of resources,
  • compliance with the legislative requirements in the environmental sector,
  • management of the significant direct and indirect environmental aspects,
  • implementation of the objectives and processes,
  • obligatory information to public by the Environmental Statement of the company,
  • increased engagement of the employees.

In relation to the effectiveness of the new Waste Act the EMAS scheme represents a new dimension for NATUR-PACK. Increased engagement of the employees form one of the important tools of the implementation of this scheme. And this is an unavoidable obligation of our company, as it is required by the legislation – increasing of the public awareness in the partner municipalities.

The regional coverage represents our advantage also in the process of public awareness increase, as in addition to the head office we have also active branches in Trenčín, Nové Zámky, Žilina, Banská Bystrica, Košice, and a brand new one in Rožňava.


NATUR-PACK employees are personally engaged in the educational activities in order to achieve the multiple objectives of the EMAS scheme, e.g.:

  • education program for children in the framework of touring festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm;
  • discussions for broad public in the framework of touring festival Ekotopfilm – Envirofilm;
  • general events, e.g. during Earth Days;
  • lectures in schools and methodical centers ;
  • expert cooperation and active participation on eco-education development in cooperation with non-governmental organizations (e.g. DAPHNE, ŽIVICA, EKORAST);
  • workshops for the company NATUR-PACK clients, as well as for the other guests who are interested to understand the Waste Act and to respect the legislation;
  • expert and popular/education articles for improvement of the awareness in the fields of separated collection, recycling and environmental protection.

Registration in the EMAS system offers to the organizations an option to demonstrate to all stakeholders (customers, public, authorities, self-governments) that they evaluate, manage and decrease the environmental impacts of their activities and products. NATUR-PACK systematically and actively works for meeting of the EMAS objectives that are, at the same time, in full compliance with the objectives and mission of our company.


June, 2016

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