Recapitulation of the year 2021 in PRO NATUR-PACK

The year 2021 was moving at a dynamic pace at NATUR-PACK. In general, our activity could be divided into three basic levels that overlap, namely: clients, residents and collection companies. We thank everyone for their cooperation.


Our task is to connect legislative theory with practice, which we have been able to do successfully thanks to the waste management experts at NATUR-PACK. In 2021, we were involved in the modification of existing and the creation of two new laws that directly affect waste legislation.


Once again, we were available to all our clients: providing advice, performing audits or representing them during the inspections by SIŽP (Slovak Environmental Inspection). As a quick help, we have also prepared an updated version of the Guide for manufacturers.


We also provided municipalities with professional advice, e.g. during consultations in the development of a generally binding regulation for the management of municipal waste or the preparation of freely available manuals and publications.



To boost education levels in the field of waste, we held 41 webinars for teachers. Our educational YouTube channel, NATUR-PACK verejnosti (for the public), has experienced extraordinary development. A report on the recycling of electronic waste, which reached more than 60,000 views, has become the video of the year. In total, up to 800,000 of you decided to watch our videos in 2021.

Waste sorting

We believe that it was also thanks to our educational activities that we have recorded a 9% year-on-year increase in the collected quantities of sorted components of municipal waste in our partner municipalities. In 2021, we financed more than 3.8 billion liters of collection capacity in them.

Collection companies and waste analysis

In cooperation with collection companies, we continued to analyze the sorted components of waste in order to verify the purity of the collection and the ratio of waste from packaging and non-packaging products. The jubilee 100th analysis took place in our partner city of Prešov.

You can read the entire annual report HERE.