The municipalities in the Extended Producer Responsibility system

The municipality is obliged to ensure the implementation and performance of the separate municipal waste collection – paper, plastic, metals, glass and multilayer paperboard based beverage cartons by means of the contractual partners:

  • Producer Responsibility Organization for packaging, e.g. NATUR-PACK (that is responsible for ensuring the separated waste collection),
  • Company that performs separate collection of the municipal waste in the municipality (thus, it is responsible for the separated waste collection itself).

Each municipality in Slovakia has chosen or delegated one Producer Responsibility Organization  (PRO) for packaging and it has a contract undersigned with it.

The separate waste collection system of the selected municipal waste components is financed by the contracted PRO for packaging that represents the packaging producers and producers of non-packaging products. This obligation results from the so called Extended Producer Responsibility.

NATUR-PACK acts as a contractual partner of more than 1000 municipalities, including the three biggest cities in Slovakia: Bratislava, Košice and Prešov.