Frequently Asked Questions – producers of batteries and accumulators

1. Shall I declare the recycling fee also in portable batteries (BaA)?

The recycling fee is not declared in batteries and accumulators. This obligation applies only to the household electrical equipment.


2. If a portable battery form a component of an electrical equipment shall the electrical equipment and the battery be declared separately?

Yes, even if the battery or accumulator are incorporated into the electrical equipment it shall be declared separately. You should know the weight proportion of the electrical equipment and BaA as a producer of a given equipment. Alternatively you can turn to your supplier (the actual producer of the equipment) who should be able to submit you such information.


3. What is considered a battery? How the batteries are categorized?

Battery or accumulator is a supply of electrical energy that is generated by transformation of chemical energy, and that comprises one or more primary non-rechargeable cells, or one or more secondary rechargeable cells. Batteries and accumulators are categorized as follows:

  1. portable,
  2. automotive,
  3. industrial.

You can find more information HERE.


4. Shall I register BaA by their import or by sale?

A producer can choose the preferred method of registration; it is important to be able to fill-in the requested data in the defined scope in the PRO NATUR-PACK system that will result in summary notification covering all represented producers and that will keep the reported data. In the case that the producer (the PRO NATUR-PACK client) is not able to manage the records, it can address its commercial representative who will recommend an appropriate record keeping procedure respecting the reserved products and the company profile. Such recommendation is not binding for the company.