NATUR-PACK further develops the YouTube portal

The NATUR-PACK team continues in the development of the YouTube portal by issuing of further reportages on waste prevention, proper waste separation, as well as the examples of good practice on the side of the producers. Nowadays, we filmed with our client MOBILONLINE. We produced a film material for two reportages.  

The first will be a follow-up of the YouTube channel series NATUR-PACK for public on the correct separation of used batteries. The second is a reportage on activities supporting separation of electric and electronic waste in the company Mobilonline for the YouTube channel NATUR-PACK for clients.    

Under the series Perfect hit we already addressed the issues of separation of the beverage packaging, glass, metal packaging, paper, separation of waste in the collection yards, and we are planning to elaborate on the issue of separation of batteries and electric and electronic waste until the end of this year.      

By January 2022, on the occasion of launching of the Depositing system, we will publish additional Perfect hit – an episode dedicated to the PLASTIC, which will be followed by a special episode on waste separation in the locations with extensive appearance of the brown bear.   The YouTube channel NATUR-PACK for clients continues with the series of information videos for the producers, as well as the set of reportages on the good practice of our clients who themselves implement the activities supporting the correct waste separation and recycling – similarly as the company MOBILONLINE.  

We would like to thank the company MOBILONLINE ( for their excellent cooperation and the opportunity to film in their facilities. Thank to them we will be able to offer to the public and the producers another interesting educational material.